8 lens on an M43 camera).

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Introducing the sharp imaging of the newly developed GR lens.

Aug 21, 2019 · Image Quality.

3mm (Approx. It crops the image. .


The JPEG engine does a great job with dark areas, and the balance between highlights and shadows is well tuned. . Each recipe contains an assortment of sample images.

3 | Exposure Bias: ‒. .

Image Control & JPEG image adjustment.

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1/125 sec. At 109x62x33mm, it’s similar in size to a mobile phone.

Aug 20, 2009 · Overall the Ricoh GR Digital III is very quick in terms of operational speed when shooting JPEGs, and much improved for RAW files. I found the RAW files got a lot better in Lightroom once Adobe added full support for the camera, which enabled the built in lens corrections (including de-vignetting) and all of the RAW profiles.

Published Feb 22, 2019 | dpreview staff.
That very broad range is one of several upgrades from the GR II—the previous model, the GR II, had a shorter ISO range that maxed out at ISO 25600.

61 x 2.

May 2, 2019 · Ricoh GR III sample gallery updated.

Ricoh GR III & GR IIIx Recipes. Tweet. .

8, ISO2000, EV -0. . There is more headroom with RAW files, as can be expected. . 117 x 61 x 34.

It was succeeded by the Ricoh GR II in 2015 and the Ricoh GR III.

It supports quick camera. For around $899, the RICOH GR III is the best valued digital camera ever invented.

Jul 30, 2012 · The ideal compact was therefore an easy choice – I acquired a Ricoh GR-Digital III in early 2010, and used it heavily – occasionally as a primary camera, too.


Now the GR III has been out for a long time.

Before that it was only the basic (flat) profile.