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By Katie1982. The verb ‘to be’ appears very often in English so it is important for students to learn the different forms of this ‘be verb’. ‘To be’ is an irregular verb.

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Powerpoints. • This ’test’ is really a discovery task rather than what could be perceived as an intimidating test.



We have adapted several of our most popular articles into lecture slides that you can use to teach your students about a variety of academic topics. Mar 30, 2016 · English grammar is very complex, and all its intricacies cannot truly be learned by rote, they must be really understood – and understanding is most easily achieved when students are engaged, interested and having fun during a lesson.

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. Verbs can also express possibilities and conditions. 36,476 Downloads.

Parallelism. Home;. . The English language is spoken almost anywhere in the world, making it almost a necessity in everyone's education. Browse grammar powerpoint presentations resources on Teachers Pay Teachers,. Ximena Cáceres.

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Action Verbs Crosswords. These ESL PowerPoint presentations are for lessons about the verb to be.



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