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Acceptance rate: 6. 2.


I agree, less desirable areas and the more expensive programs (not state schools) are easier to get into.

. . Dec 11, 2022 · This means that nursing programs are often highly competitive.

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Presidential Volunteer award. . By Ilana Kowarski.

Feb 2, 2012 · Feb 2, 2012. Awards/Honors Won State Gold Medal for Medical Terminology.


The rest are relatively easy if you are not picky about particular program.

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Academics GPA: 4.


Extracurricular • Certified Nurse Assistant Job.

The fill rates for DO students is also shown: 1. #6. See the best schools for Business majors.

After medical school, psychiatry residency is 4 years in duration. . Those interested in the program must have. School of Nursing. .

Mar 22, 2023 · Prerequisites for Nursing School.

Academics GPA: 4. London foundation schools are the most competitive with EBH foundation school, Trent Deanery and West Midlands North Deanery being in the three least competitive.

5 weighted 6/450.

5 weighted 6/450.

Department of Education.

In Ontario many programs you can get into as long as you have above an 85.

Academics GPA: 4.