where it has ranked among the Top 3 baby girl names for over a decade. ”.



Mar 16, 2022 · Picking a baby girl's name that stands out from the crowd can be difficult when looking at the usual inspiration. . Once secured onto hair, twist hairstyles such as Nubian twists or Senegalese twists, or even other twist-out styles may then be worn.

The top 100 is rounded off by the super adorable name Olive, a twist on that sublime name comes in at number 481 on our unique list.

Alejandra is a feminine variant of the name Alexander. ”. love the names.

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Lilith. Inject your sense of humor and wit into the name creation process.

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Alake: Alake, meaning ‘one to be honored’, is one of the coolest Afrikaans boy names in our opinion.


If you’re really looking to get creative, consider a highly rare twist on a classic, such as Benno, Eluned, Jessamine, or Maxfield.

those are some beautiful vintage baby names!. Though this name of a sturdy tree that can live for centuries was quite popular for boys in the first half of the twentieth century,. .

Emerald – For a precious name, check out this one of Spanish origin that refers to a gemstone. Abigail is a Hebrew name for girls meaning “joy of the father. Lilith. . 8.


Astra – This name is a beautiful name that means from the stars. Simple and delicious.



In Greek, it means “summer” or “to harvest.

as a possible successor to all the Jess names of the past.

At the moment, Charlotte tops Australia’s most popular girl’s names, followed by Olivia, Ava and Amelia.