Each of these events leaves a mark on our memory.

Her instructions were simple.

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The day was filled with so much joy and excitement, and it was an experience that has stayed with me ever since.

From there we went to a science park by bus.

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I remembered the day and date it was 22nd Oct 2008.

. My mother and father were pleased with my endeavors as well. By Vishakha.

The Happiest Day of My Life. One would wonder why I call it the happiest day of my life.

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At a specific station, all of them got off. Essay of my life uk writing expertsmy life closed twice before its close.

I once had a therapist who was a firm believer in the power of visualization. I am a five-year-old student who hasn’t lived all of his life.

I woke up at 6 am and got ready for school.
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He must be the happiest bird in the world” When the crow said this to the swan, the swan said, “I used to think that I was the happiest bird too until I saw a parrot.

The best day of my life was last year when I caught a fish with my dad. Happiest Day of My Life Essay. Life is a see-saw of pleasure and pain.

The same day my result was declared. Any. Someone wins a lottery on a particular day. As we grow older our perspective of happiness changes. page. It was an intercity cricket tournament and, we played well throughout the tournament and, managed to reach the finals.

The best day of my life was last year when I caught a fish with my dad.

On the whole, human life has more pains than pleasures. As my friends were away to hill stations, I was feeling very lonely.

When I think of my life there had been many happy days, like my birthday, meeting with the President of India, festivals, and celebrations.

3) It was the time of the annual fest of our school.

By Vishakha.

It is a day I can never forget and I consider it to be the best birthday yet.