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If you want to build a Go application that uses Clash as a library, check out the GitHub Wiki.

The router using J1900 CPU, installed 2G memory and 128G SSD, and I install an Ubuntu on it.

关闭clash后关闭本地代理. . .

unset http_proxy unset https_proxy.

1. My example hasn't been tested and is only a vague guidance because it is a very simple problem you should be able to correct instruction on you own. 启动Clash: systemctl start clash 关闭Clash: systemctl stop clash 查看状态(可以用来检测是否成功启动): systemctl status clash 设置开机自启: systemctl enable clash 取消开机自启: systemctl disable clash.

Mar 5, 2023 · 1: 需要配置config. FeaturesHTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS protocolSurge like configurationGeoIP rule.



io/ dreamacro / clash:dev. 3a96ebefa6ae.

How to install clash on POSIX system with command line. opencontainers.

Being a Network layer device, it can be used to handle TCP, UDP, ICMP traffic.
(Dreamacro/clash-tracing) Getting Started.

Jan 5, 2021 · 所以本次我们要在Linux服务器上,通过Clash来开启一段网上冲浪的旅程。.


How to install clash on POSIX system with command line. . linux/amd64---13.

近期发布的 Clash Premium 版加入了 TUN 模式,可以方便得实现透明代理。本文介绍如何在各种 Linux 发行版中配置该模式。. . . . Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. unset http_proxy unset https_proxy.


. bundle -b master A rule based tunnel in Go.

{ "url": "https://api.


You can build.

Jan 14, 2023 · Today, the editor will share with you the relevant knowledge points on how to install the Clash Linux server.