13 WEEK OLD TRI COLOR ENGLISH SETTER FEMALE. The English Setters can significantly vary in their look depending on whether it.


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. This is a more rare color seen in the English Setter. Most Beautiful Dogs.

English Setters come in 3 main color variations - orange belton, blue belton and tri-colored.

Color: White with overlay markings in the following colors: Orange, Blue, Liver, Lemon, Tricolor (Blue/Tan/White). May 31, 2019 - Tri-color and Blue Belton colored English Setters. 13 weeks old.

Despite being a tri color option, it’s still considered a standard one, a mix of the Blue and Orange Beltons to a degree with specking from both colors that can intermingle with the dominant white. They include tricolor English Setter & Orange English Setter.

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english setter hunting.

. They include tricolor English Setter & Orange English Setter.

Female. BLUE BELTON (White with black markings) TRI-COLOR (White with black markings, with orange over the eyes, on the muzzle and on the legs) OTHER (There are several other less common colors such as lemon, liver, etc.

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This basic dog coat color panel bundles together several genetic tests for coat color that are applicable to all breeds.

Blue belton, orange belton, and tri-colored English Setters are common.

The Breed. . The coat of the English Setter is long and soft with slight waves.

Color. Animals And Pets. This breed comes in tri-color, blue belton, orange belton, liver belton, lemon belton, chestnut belton color. The tail, ears, and legs of this breed are heavily fringed. . Color.


english setter hunting. Windjammers Masterpiece (tri color) being shown by Claire Thompson to a Major Reserve in Greenville, SC,.

The basic color of the dogs is white.

There are two types of English setter.


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We are proud to announce the beautiful English Setter puppies from Venatrisett FCI kennel, pure American line, after Multichampions and World Winners,.